Jugendliche Aktivieren Beraten Coachen

"Activating, advising, and coaching the youth - strengthen young people with a migration backgrounds against extremism." 

Young people with a migration background often suffer from disorientation in German society. Unresolved conflicts of this kind, which can often lead in failure at school or a lack of a degree that does not correspond to the intellectual abilities of the individual, resulting in frustration and increased aggression. This is a model project to strengthen the self-confidence of young people with a migration background.


Target groups

Project progress

Every year, young people in schools are informed, individually advised and coached for better social integration. In weekend trainings, which take place 1-2 times a year, the self-confidence of the young people is to be strengthened. In doing so, they should be informed about the basic constitutional rights. The individual needs of the participants are addressed, and an individual support program is created together.

The individual support can include:

Contact: TDG Foundation