Across language barriers

We are indeed not a translation agency, but for our project participants we also provide translations for documents such as certificates or disks from and to offices. Our goal here: remove language barriers.

Providing the necessary space

For certain moments in life, you just need a little more room or space, for example a wedding. For this reason, we also arrange and rent larger rooms for events. Interested? Then get in touch with us.

Welcome to the Turkish-German Health Foundation e.V. (TDG)

In turkish: Türk Alman Saglik Vakfi

Integration, Qualification, Education, Language development, Information, and Assistance.
The Turkish-German Health Foundation e.V. are experts in these fields. Since the founding of our Organization in 1988, our main goal has been to research the specific health problems of fellow Turkish citizens living in Germany and to introduce and implement necessary medical and social measures for their wellbeing.

From all over the world

In the past 30 years, both the topics concerning our association, as well as the areas of operation have been expanding significantly. Today we support women and men with migration backgrounds from all over the world to help them better find their way around Germany. From kindergarten children to senior citizens, from the first welcome upon arrival, to energy saving in households, from qualified training to long-term care insurance – TDG e. V. supports individuals, institutions, and facilities in intercultural communication.

Close cooperation

We have already carried out numerous projects around Gießen as well as throughout Hesse and Germany. Some of them have now been completed, others are still ongoing. Our projects can constantly be reproduced in other cities and communities, with varying cooperation partners and at diverse timeframes. TDG e. V. recognizes social changes and processes and has been reacting to them with suitable measures. To this end, we work closely with national and international organizations in the fields of health, migration, integration, and social affairs. We implement various day-to-day inputs which work together in forms of new concepts and projects.


frühstart, with language support, intercultural education, and parenting work, frühstart lays the foundation for a successful school career and integration in kindergarten.

Intercultural Outpatient Department

An intercultural outpatient clinic like the one at the University Hospital Gießen and Marburg (UKGM) helps improve medical care for migrants in hospital operations.

Prevention of Extremism

Staying safe from the extreme, helps to educate children, young people, and their families about the tricks of certain extremist organizations.

Energy-Saving campaign

The Hessian energy saving campaign, provides information to property owners and tenants of Turkish origin about the possibilities of saving heating and electrical energy – thoroughly and in their language of choice.


Das Projekt zielt darauf ab, die gesundheitliche Versorgung der Bevölkerung durch die Vernetzungen von Ärzten, Kliniken und Sozialdiensten zu verbessern.

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