Goals and Tasks of our Organization

As recognized experts for inter-culturalism, we are open to all migrants, not just those of Turkish origin – even if the traditional name of our association says otherwise. We are politically independent and fulfill our tasks in the field of health, integration and education in Gießen, Hessen and all of Germany.


We participate in regional and national associations and organizations. We respect the dignity of our clients and participants and support them with regard to special biographical features and impairments.


In addition to professional training and further education, we always promote the acquisition of social skills and the ability to think and act in a tolerant and responsible manner. We also assist the development of our clients‘ existing resources.


We support the motivation to learn and working through a socio-educational concept. Action-oriented and practice-oriented projects enable the participants to establish social relationships and thus facilitate sustainable integration into their work lives.


Through successful learning, we create the expansion of the participants‘ individual ability to act and the opportunity to master the challenges of professional practice and everyday life. The design of leisure opportunities in sporting and creative-artistic areas supports this process.


We teach on the basis of the approvals granted by the chambers and other competent bodies in practical education and training. A high level of professionalism, social competence and the individuality of our employees contribute to the acquired quality standard, which is further developed through accompanying training and qualifications. We believe that a relationship of work and individual support for the participants are the basis of successful learning.


We secure the necessary individual funding for each participant on the basis of our concept, which has been tried and tested over many years. Our well-founded input analysis enables a good start for targeted, self-determined and individual career path planning or for flexible preparation for the job market and comprehensive support for our clientele.


In addition to training and further education, school, social work, child and youth welfare work in accordance with the Child and Youth Welfare Act, we organize school internships and cross-age offers in projects and in public relations, advice for people with and without a migration background in all situations.


We are oriented towards the development trends of the labor and education market and the needs of our clientele.


We enable people with a migration background access to work life while factoring in their social and familial environments.