Intercultural outpatient clinic
and intercultural opening at the UKGM Giessen

Maßnahme zur strukturellen Öffnung für kultursensible medizinische Versorgung sowie deren wissenschaftliche Evaluation

Aims of the Project

The aim of the model project is to improve medical care for migrants in hospital operations. There are three methodological paths to be followed here: Access to the hospital is via a culturally sensitive portal, which is used both for the independent route to the hospital and for referrals. The portal takes on the task of forwarding the initial medical contact professionally and optimally to the relevant departments, so that there is no loss of time and the patient’s routes are optimized. The portal also serves as a contact person for admitted patients and is specifically responsible for all matters relating to cultural features and questions.

Increase in knowledge-competence

Interkulturalität wird zum Standard für alle Mitarbeiter des Klinikums, vom Arzt bis zur Pflegekraft aber auch für nichtärztliche Angestellte in der Aufnahme sowie für alle Verwaltungskräfte, die durch die interkulturellen Teams auch Kontakt zu Migranten haben. Hierzu werden neben Schulungen des Krankenhauspersonals zum Thema Interkulturalität zur Steigerung der Wissenskompetenz vor allem Seminare mit Übungen angeboten. Damit diese angenommen werden, ist es wichtig, die Stationsleiter in die Organisation der Schulungen und deren Umsetzung im Team miteinzubeziehen.

Analysis of the patient-collective

At the same time, in cooperation with medical informatics, an analysis of the patient collective of migrants or patients with a migration background or refugee experience is to take place based on a questionnaire to be developed, so that it becomes clear why migrants take advantage of offers in the hospital, in which way they do this and with which Expectation and what can be changed to ensure a more economical form of care.

Offers for the patients

Offers for hospital staff / departments