Hessian Energy Saving Campaign

Project Idea

„Saving energy means protecting the climate – educational seminars for Turkish migrants“. 1.4 million people with a migration background live in Hesse, that is 23% of the population. The strongest group are migrants of Turkish origin. As a tenant or homeowner, you are a consumer of heating energy and electricity. Due to a language barrier, they have not received enough information about energy-saving options so far and thus cannot benefit from the existing offers. The aim of the project is to use training courses and a large-scale media campaign to educate people about energy-saving options and to strengthen a religiously anchored environmental awareness among the Turkish population.

This Graph shows how strong the yearly energy usage is dependent on the size of the household.

What is being offered?

The project is based on three pillars:

Who can take part?

We especially want to address people with a Turkish migration background. If you are interested in the following topics, please Contact Us. Lay seminars are currently planned in Stadtallendorf, Herborn, Biedenkopf, Fulda, Bensheim, Neustadt and Nidda.