DAVET – Increase in the use of preventive medical check-ups among those insured with AOK Hessen with a Turkish migration background and resident in Dietzenbach.

Education and Advice

Participation in preventive health measures is even less pronounced among insured persons with a migration background than among the population of German origin. Offers are little known in the target group and their use evidently has reservations. In a joint project and in close cooperation with the registered contract doctors, the use of selected preventive examinations is to be increased through a targeted approach to insured persons of Turkish origin from the AOK Hessen. By providing information and advice, the insured person’s initiative is to be strengthened, especially when it comes to a health-conscious lifestyle, thereby avoiding the onset of illness and disability or overcoming their consequences.

Representative Data

The efficiency and effectiveness of targeted education and counselling measures are being tested and evaluated as a model in a regional project by the city of Dietzenbach. For this purpose, in strict compliance with data protection regulations and with the approval of the ethics committee, representative data on the use, changes and results of preventive examinations should be collected and evaluated within two years from a significant number of Turkish-born AOK insured persons.

The project was awarded the 3rd Hessian Health Prize on November 10, 2014 by the Hessian Minister of Health Stefan Grüttner. Our CEO Dr. Bilgin accepted the award in the Wiesbaden state parliament in front of around 100 invited guests.

Contact: TDG Foundation