Parents promote school,
Improving educational opportunities for migrants

Education is the basis for a happy and fulfilling life. Our children continue to try and meet the requirements in school – but unfortunately this is often not enough these days. It is up to us parents to support them in this process and to help them achieve good performance. School alone – as Pisa has shown – does not create equal opportunities for educational success, especially for children with a migration background. Therefore, this project is particularly appealing to parents who do in fact come from a migration background. Of course, German parents can also take part in the courses and seminars.

What is offered?

“Parents promoting schools” is a one-year project in three locations. Parents with and without a migration background meet here twice a week in the mornings to be informed about special topics. A course instructor is available for questions and assistance. In addition, many experts are invited to provide information on topics such as ADD / ADHD or the promotion of bilingualism. We also offer you support for discussions with parents or help you with problems with the school or if your child has special needs. Furthermore, we offer women with language problems a specific language course once a week that focuses on education and school.

Cooperation with offers on site

When carrying out the project, we involve all regional contact persons in the project: the city / municipality, daycare centers, elementary schools, pre-school courses, all existing support facilities for children in the region. By setting up a network to support children, we want to encourage parents to work even more intensively for the individual support of their children according to the latest findings. So that parents with a migrant background in particular succeed in doing this, they should improve their expressive skills in education and learning with the help of a specialist language course.

Target Group

The one-year course was aimed at parents of primary school children. Parents who send their child to school within two years could also take part in the course. Although all interested parents could register for the course, the main focus was on parents with a migration background, especially those who come from third world countries.

Participation in the course is free of charge.

Spokesperson: Sabine Gerbich