Theatre project:
TRIALOG - Music for the One God

The New Year’s Concert in Giessen has been a national event for many years. Every year concert programs are developed for this purpose – anything is allowed for this musical greeting of the New Year – except for the repetition of what has already been there. For 2017, the theater and its internationally renowned general music director Michael Hofstetter have come up with something very special.

Sacred music of Islam, Christianity and Judaism

The three monotheistic world religions meet respectfully at eye level as a moving plea for an open togetherness and so, despite all the differences, the bridges between the various spiritual traditions become recognizable. The Stadttheater Gießen has teamed up with Mehmet Cemal Yeşilçay as a partner for this extraordinary concert event. Yeşilçay is the founder and artistic director of the Pera Ensemble from Istanbul, which was awarded the Echo Klassik in 2012. The New Year’s Concert is supported by the Turkish-German Health Foundation and the Turkish Community in Central Hesse.