Award of the Genç-Prize

The „Genç Prize“ of the Turkish-German Health Foundation e.V. from Gießen was awarded by its chairman, Dr. Yasar Bilgin in memory of the exemplary behaviour of the Genç family, who were victims of a radical right-wing arson attack in Solingen in 1993. The award is intended to send a clear signal against racism, discrimination and violence and honour people who, despite a xenophobic experience in the sense of the idea of reconciliation, do not contribute to the formation of fronts in society, but continue to do great work for a peaceful coexistence.

Award Winners

So far, the prize has been awarded in 2008 to the mayor of Cologne, Fritz Schramma, and in 2010 to Elwy Okaz. This year the award went to the daughter of Abdurrahim Özdemir, who was murdered by the NSU in 2001, Tülin Özdemir, and to the head of the NSU committee of inquiry of the German Bundestag.