Aktiv Ol – Be Active

Initial Situation

Violence and addiction prevention projects are still necessary. This is shown in a current study by the criminal research institute in Hanover, in which 45,000 young people in the 9th grade were questioned. The result that every 7th young person has strongly xenophobic attitudes and every 6th young person has been the victim of an act of violence indicates an urgent need for action. Between 11.5-18.1% of young people state that they have committed an act of violence themselves. There is a direct connection between the rate of violence and the factors of educational opportunities and school integration. The study shows that violence is more likely to be experienced within the family than outside of it. A strengthening of the family, the strengthening of educational and communication skills and trust as well as the strengthening of care in families will lead to children and young people experiencing security and recognition and good protection against addiction and care, even in resource-poor and very stressed families build violence.


Project Structure

The project is built on two pillars:

Project Measures

Spokesperson: Sabine Gerbich